One of Nature's Wonders
"Balanced Rock"
Located just a few miles from home,
south-west of Twin Falls, is one of the
archaeological wonders of the world.
While pictures show this unusual rock
formation, you must see it in person to
realize just how unusual it is.  This is a
windy area and it seems that it would be
impossible for it to stand perched on a
mountain side.  Standing almost 50 feet
high and 40 feet wide, the base is only
about 3 feet by 15 feet. The area itself is
unusual in that you are driving along a
highway through some of the most scenic
and fertile farmland  and unexpectedly
you crest a small hill and the road dives
into a beautiful canyon.    Amazed at the
scenic wonders all around, you might
even miss the Rock on the side of the
mountain.   Truly one of God's wonders.
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