The Kevin and Jennifer Myers Family
Our daughter Jennifer, her husband Kevin and their children Kyle and Zoe continue to live
in Springfield after our move to Idaho.  While we miss them very much, pictures, email and
phone calls take away some of the many miles between us.  Here we present some of our
favorite pictures of the Myers family.  
Kyle, Jennifer and Zoe are pictured on their recent
trip to Idaho this Thanksgiving.  We miss Kevin in
this picture as he is in training for the United States
Army.  He will be home for a Christmas visit in late
December 2005.
Above is a family picture taken while
Kevin was home on Christmas leave
with Kevin in front, Kyle on the left,
Zoe on the right and Jennifer in the
Above we see Kyle, Zoe, Kevin and Muriel along
with Didi and Hombre as we make the move to
Idaho.  We have taken a break at Little America in
western Wyoming.   On the right Kevin and Kyle
make use of our pool in Springfield.  
On one of our trips to Denver to meet the family, to bring Zoe and Kyle for a visit here in Idaho, we visited a park
called Tiny Town.  On the left Jennifer strolls down the Main Street with Muriel and Kyle in the background.  On
the right Zoe and dad inspect some of the houses on Main Street.  The visit was topped off with a ride on a
miniature train around the town.  Below we see Zoe on an earlier trip here being comforted by her cousin Aron.  
On this summer's trip we take Zoe and Kyle to see the Snake River Canyon.  Muriel poses with them.
While they remain in Springfield, Jennifer works for a podiatrist clinic as a receptionist and Kevin is away
training for the Army. They plan to stay in Springfield until Kevin graduates from basic and then move to be with
him in his new location.  He will be training for helicopter maintenance and repair after graduating from basic.  
We are hoping that his new assignment will be closer to Idaho.
Zoe is growing up so fast.  Here she
is in her 2006 school picture.  
Grandpaw really likes this one!!!
Desert Vista Family Album