The David and Nancy Thomsen Family
Pictured at left is the Thomsen Family.  Carla is top center,
David on the left, Nancy is lower center and Andrew is on
the right.  Nancy is sister of Jeanette, Jimmy and Muriel.  
The picture below is David and Nancy in their home in
Redding California.  David works in home construction
and Nancy is currently at home recovering from knee
Daughter Carla is shown in the two pictures above
on a Christmas visit home. Carla lives in Citrus
Heights, California and is a message therapist.  On
the left is son Andrew.  Andrew is serving his
country in the U. S. Army and is stationed in Iraq.
Above right David relaxes on a recent vacation in Hawaii.
On the left Nancy and David are pictured with scenic Hawaii in the background
Lower right Nancy enjoys the warm Pacific waters.
Above David, Nancy and friends prepare for a big party.
On the left, important family members,
Buster and Lucie relax by the fire in the
living room.
Desert Vista Family Album