We're very proud to begin adding pictures of our friends to our
album, as they are part of our family also.
Tom and Polly Bingaman
Pictured above is Tom and Polly Bingaman
and their two grandchildren.  Tom is a life
long friend from the first grade at Pepperdine
to Senior High School in Springfield and on to
the present day.  Tom is the Garage Sale
Guru and for years kept us supplied with
bargin computer parts to keep our hobby
going.  Tom continues to keep us up on the
home town news, such as the picture at left
of the 70th birthday party of The Class of
1953. Tom, Polly, and Tom's daughter and
son-in-law are at lower right in the picture.
Tom and Polly have a beautiful home in eastern Springfield.  
Above is one of their Dogwood trees in springtime.
Desert Vista Family Album