More of Tom's Family
Tom Bingaman, a proud grandfather, shares with us some pictures of granddaughter
Jessica showing her family's Newfoundland dogs at the North Arkansas Kennel Club
Dog Show.  What a beautiful young lady and what wonderful animals. Thanks Tom for
sharing Jessica's accomplishments with us. Jessica is the daughter of Jean and Matt
Cobbin, Tom and Polly's daughter and son-in-law who breed and raise Newfoundlands.
Newfoundland dogs are known to be perfect rescue and cart dogs, and they were widely used by Canadian fishermen for saving
drowning people, pulling nets and driving catches and supplies in different directions. These massive dogs are as well off in water
as they are on dry land, because of their webbed paws and water-resistant coat.

The exact origin of the breed is uncertain. Some sources attribute the dog to ancient local species, which were popular yet among
Vikings and Indians. Others relate Newfoundland dogs to the Labrador breed, which is an excellent swimmer. There are also
theories, which confirm the breed's relationship with some Mastiff-type dogs, brought in with European fishermen.

It should be noted, that the Newfoundland dog bears a close resemblance to the Saint Bernard breed. Both possess large and
muscled bodies, and serve equal purposes. Newfoundland dogs are even believed to have saved the population of Saint
Bernard's in Switzerland during an epidemic of distemper, when the Newfoundland dog's gene was added to the Saint Bernard's
pool for reinstallation of the latter.

With the inception of numerous pulling and driving vehicles and machineries, the use of Newfoundland's has declined, but they
remain unbelievably popular among dog fanciers all over the world for their extensive power and incredibly gentle disposition.
Originally bred as working dogs, Newfoundland dogs are also renowned family companions and intelligent rescuers.
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