Our Special Friends!
Here are pictures of our Special Friends, Scottie, Didi and Hombre.  Scottie is King of the Hill but his
official title is Ranch Foreman.  Scottie takes over and runs everything while we are away.   Scottie is a
professional takes his job very seriously.  Even though he was "debarked" by his previous owner he can
still communicate with us.  We know when the mail arrives and when the UPS man makes a delivery.  We
know when the meter reader comes and just about anybody else who gets near.  He gets along very well
with Didi and Hombre but Didi is his special friend.  They run laps around the yard together and try and
outrun each other.   Scottie's favorite snacks are pizza and pop corn.  He's shy around men but take to the
ladies very well.  And kids, he love the kids as you can see in the picture with Aron and Tylar.
This is Didi and Hombre.  Many of you have met and know them.  For those of you who do not, Didi is on
the left and Hombre on the right.  Didi is the laid back girl and Hombre is the Mexican Jumping Bean.  The
both have very busy days.  They are up and out in their yard early and then come inside in time for
breakfast. Then it's time for their early morning nap. A trip to the yard again and back for the late morning
nap.  Noon time it's out for a romp with friend Scottie and back for early afternoon nap.  If they are not
exausted from all their activity they may go back to the yard for more play and watch the afternoon school
bus go by.  Then it's back inside for their late afternoon nap.   Now it's supper time.  Wow! what a meal.  
Now I really need a little rest.  Evening is time for visiting with the rest of the family and then it's off to bed
and looking forward to another big day.
On the left above is a Fox and on the right a pheasant who came to call.
While not close friends, they are neighbors and they do drop by on
occasion.   While the fox is unusual, the pheasant has a very large
family living just to the north and we see them quite often.
Desert Vista Family Album