Chimney Rock
Jail Rock and Courthouse Rock
May 30th  –  we came two miles and turned off to the left over a hill. Here the road left the river and after
traveling eight miles came into the bottom between Scotts Bluffs. The bluffs on the left hand side of the road
are covered with cedar groves; came up the bottom six miles and found the mouth of a spring branch; came
two miles farther to a trading house and a blacksmith shop kept by a Pueblo and a white man. Here we came
to where the cliffs come together. There are two springs in the head of this hollow to the right of the road one-
quarter mile. The hollow is green with cedar timber, some two feet through. We came two miles farther over
the bluffs into the bottom; good grass and a spring on the left hand one-half mile from the road. It runs out of
the bank just like drawing water out of a barrel. Distance twenty miles. Wesley Maiden found a five dollar gold
piece today, laying in the road. We laid in wood at the cedar hollows. This is the first wood we have had since
leaving Ash Creek