Lander’s Ferry, Green River Wyoming
June 19th  –  we came three miles where a road turned to the left, we kept the right; three miles farther
brought us to the Big Sandy. This stream is thirty yards wide and eighteen inches deep. Here we stopped for
the day. Two more of the boys took the fever last night, but the most of us have gotten about well. We start
across one of the deserts in the morning, but there is no grass to cut, hardly enough to fill our cattle, distance
six miles. There are many starting across the deserts this evening. We are all well but Simon, and are all in
fine spirits. The boys are baking pies and frying sweet cakes, etc.
June 20th  –  we started this morning at 6 o’clock, came seven miles; here was a little alkali water. Seventeen
miles farther we came to a river, and a little farther to another where we found first rate grass. We stopped
two hours, then started and traveled until 12 o’clock in the night.
June 21st  –  started at sunrise and got to Green River at 9 o’clock in the morning; went down the river five
miles to the lower ferry, crossed, and came seven miles to a creek, plenty of willows for wood, tolerable grass.
Our ferry across Green River was $7.00 per wagon. Distance in the last thirty-six hours sixty-five miles. From
Fort Laramie to Green River is three hundred sixty-six and one-half miles. We had very good roads across the
desert with the exception of two or three hills, tolerably level, no sand, but the dust from two to six inches
deep. Our teams stood the drive very well. One of Wilson’s steers gave out. If the weather is warm it is best to
start in the evening. There is plenty of timber on Green River, but no grass. Green River is one hundred and
fifty yards wide and from five to fifteen feet deep.
June 22nd  –  we came up the creek four miles and crossed; one mile farther and the road left the creek;
came five miles to small branch with good water, tolerable grass, no timber. Here we camped. Distance ten
miles. It was very warm in the forenoon, but is cool this evening. Chancey Creek is twenty steps wide and two
and one-half feet deep; it was tolerably high. We had good roads today, but very dusty.
June 23rd  –  we traveled fifteen and one-half miles, crossing several branches and passing two springs, one
of which was the coldest water I ever drank. We have had mountainous roads today; had some heavy thunder
this evening, and it rained enough to lay the dust; good grass, sage brush for wood.