June 27th  –  we left the river this morning and came five miles to a creek; five miles farther to a creek, one
mile to another, and one-half mile to another; one-half mile to a branch, three miles to a creek, three miles to
another and one mile farther, crossing two creeks; three miles farther, ten steps to the left of the road, is good
water. Here we camped; plenty of timber one-quarter mile to the left of the road down the hollow. Distance
twenty-two miles today. We followed down Bear River all day, but not nearer than three miles of the river until
we camped here in sight one-half mile off. Had fine roads today and plenty of grass; tolerably warm, but
turned cold this evening and we had a thunder storm and a right smart rain. All well.
June 28th  –  we came six miles through the mountains to a branch; nine miles farther to the Soda Springs,
which are to the left of the road; the branch runs down the side of the road. Came one mile and crossed a
creek; one-half mile farther to the Boiling Springs in a cedar grove; one-quarter mile farther, and three
hundred yards to the left of the road on the bank of the river, is the Steamboat Springs. We came three and
one-quarter miles and camped; good grass, not much wood. Distance twenty miles. We had fine roads today,
and tolerably cool. We had a hail storm today and it rained this evening. We followed down Bear River all day,
and camped on it tonight. It is one mile from the road.
June 29th  –  we came one mile this morning to where the roads fork; the Fort Hall road turns to the right up a
broad valley and the Hudspeth’s cutoff [left], keep [to right] straight ahead; here we leave the river, which
turns to the left and runs south. We came four miles to Soda Pop Spring, which is ten feet away on the right
side of the road; one mile farther to the left of the road bad water rises; one-fourth mile to a spring branch,
the spring being one hundred and fifty yards above the road; three-quarters of a mile to a good spring ten
steps to the left of the road; ten miles farther to a small creek; three miles farther to a creek, the water of
which is poison when the mud is stirred up. Six of Henderson and Wilson’s steers got poisoned here. One and
one-quarter miles to a branch; three-quarters of a mile to a creek; two miles farther to a large creek where
we camped. Distance twenty-three miles. We traveled north today up a broad valley, had tolerable roads and
plenty of grass. Most all of the emigrants that did not go by the Salt Lake road went by Hudspeth’s cutoff, but
we go the old road. Plenty of willows to make fires tonight. Soda Pop Spring is in an elevated rock two feet
wide, thirty-five feet long and from two to four feet deep. The water is not good. Simon is sick this evening. We
are giving the sick oxen grease this evening; if grease or vinegar does not cure them they die.