Raft River bottom looking east to Deep Creek Peak
July 6th  –  we came five miles and crossed the creek we camped on; then turned south and came up a valley
five miles, crossing a spring branch, where we nooned one hundred and fifty yards above the road. This spring
has the best of water. We came over a ridge five miles to a break in the broad valley, and we could see the
emigrants on the far side of the valley on the Salt Lake road. We came six miles to where we started through
the mountains and camped, plenty of cedar timber and good grass, but no water. Distance twenty-one miles.
We have the best looking teams on the road.  Horses and mule teams look very bad. The calculations of all the
emigrants are to reach the gold diggings in twenty-five days from today, and that is our calculation. All well, fat
and thriving.
Photo taken from Mt. Harrison, town of Almo, Idaho below. Lake Cleveland in foreground.