Missouri River at St. Joseph
April 16th  –  we started and it rained all day. We got to St. Joseph at 10 o’clock, but could not cross the river
because the logs and ice ran so thick and fast. Here I bought what I wanted, which cost $20.85, corn and
fodder $12.55.
April 17th  –  expenses $6.15; total $39.55. We could not cross the river and drove to the upper edge of town
and camped. The river raised a foot an hour. Expenses last night for a lot and lodging $2.50, ferry         across
the Missouri River $1.75, day book and a rope 75 cents, and for fodder $1.15; total $6.15.
April 18th  –  we came up to the ferry and camped on the bank.
April 19th  –  we crossed the river and made twelve miles, camping on Muscateer Creek; nine miles brought us
to the Indian Agency.
April 20th  –  crossed Wolf River on bridge, cost 25 cents; made twelve miles and camped the Agency. Paid
$1.00 a bushel for corn, bought twelve barrels, hauled it.
April 21st  –  we started from the Agency with ten barrels of corn and traveled six miles over good soil.
Camped, plenty of wood and water, grass is making its appearance, but not enough to do the cattle any good.
Our expenses for corn at the Agency was $15.25. Bought two pairs of moccasins for 50 cents.
April 22nd  –  cloudy and very cold. We started early and made twenty-five miles over rich soil and beautiful
prairie, without a stick of timber within six miles of the road, except in one place. There was water in the
sloughs; we camped on Elm Branch, in two miles of Nemeha River; plenty of wood and water. All are well and
in good spirits. We camped by a fresh grave, and one made last year. Our expenses for everything is $96.45.
We are fifty-six miles out on the prairie this evening.
April 23rd  –  made twenty-four miles over beautiful prairie; plenty of water in the sloughs; no timber in less
than two miles from the road except where we camp. We left the road one mile to the right where there was
plenty of wood and water to Overcup Creek. We had fine fun today after wolves, but killed none. I and Wilson
killed a turkey. I saw four graves today and camped where there was one grave with the initials, “I. P.,” and the
Catholics mark on the headstone. There is no grass on the plains yet, but we have fine grazing in the bottom