Emigrant Pass to Beowawe Valley
Humboldt River
July 17th  –  this morning we again took up the line of march, leaving the river and taking up the bluff south
on account of the sloughs along the river being so very difficult to cross. The ascent of the mountains was
very gradual, and one and one-half miles brought us to the top of the hill. A gradual descent of three and one-
half miles brought us to the bottom again, and four miles more brought us to the river where we watered and
grazed, also took dinner. Twelve miles brought us opposite a slough, to which we had to drive to camp; this
slough is between the road and the river, to the left three miles. Good roads this afternoon, but very dusty.
Distance today twenty-one miles.
July 18th  –  after driving four miles we came to bluffs, where we crossed a creek of fresh, running water.
Seven miles brought us to a slough near the road, good grass, water not very good. Seven miles to the banks
of the river again; grass good, roads a little rough and stony. Here we left the river and traveled six miles up
the bottom through the worst saleratus ground we have had for some time, some