very poisonous lakes near the road. In coming the last six miles we crossed one small creek of good water
four miles from the river, Distance today twenty-four miles.
July 19th  –  drove four miles to the river, watered our stock and took a nice keg of water. Then we left the
river for seventeen miles, traveling over a dusty road without water or grass, and when we came to the river
we could get no grass without swimming it and cutting the grass and rafting it over. Rested awhile, then
drove over a second bottom or bluff three miles and camped. Distance today twenty-four miles.
July 20th  –  at 8 o’clock this morning we were on the line again. Seven miles brought us to the river, where
we found good grass and water. We rested until about an hour before sunset, then hitched up and drove two
and one-half miles, where we found many roads leading off in different directions. After passing two or three
of these roads which turned to the right, we took a very plain right hand road, which took us eight miles out
of our way, and finding that we were lost we camped. Good grass, but no water. Distance on the right road
nine miles, and on the wrong road eight miles, making seventeen miles.
July 21st  –  after arising and taking a peep at the surrounding country we concluded to turn to the left down
the valley, and after driving six miles we struck the old road in five miles of where we left it yesterday
evening. This wild goose chase was on what is called the Lassen route to the upper settlements of California.
We gained only two and one-half miles in our last night’s and this morning’s drive. After we struck the road
five miles brought us to the bank of the river again, where we watered our stock, then drove two and one-
half miles and took dinner on the river. We left the river this afternoon and drove around a mountain, coming
to the river again in six miles; one mile down the river and camped. Distance on the road seventeen miles
and off the road five miles.
July 22nd  –  drive eight miles down the river and finding the grass getting rather thin we decided to stop and
take in some grass for our stock. After this we drove five miles to the bank of the river, then five and one half
miles over a deep slough and around the point of a mountain, coming to the river again. Here the river runs
out in many sloughs, and I think a great portion of the water sinks. Distance today eighteen and one-half
Humboldt Sink