July 23rd  –  our road today is rather toward the south along the river, with good watering places, but
grass very scarce without swimming the river and mowing. After traveling four miles the road became
very sandy, which lasted all evening, except now and then when we touched the bottom for a few
hundred yards the road was tolerably good. Ten miles brought us to camp on the river without grass.
Distance fourteen miles. Our team today seems to be very much fatigued and we decided to not drive as
far as usual.
July 24th  –  our road is along the river bank in sand from six inches to a foot deep pretty much all the
way; watering places convenient. Ten miles brought us to where we took dinner without any grass on
either side of the river. We left the river again for twelve miles, road tolerably good, no grass on the
road or river. Camped on the river, the only feed for our stock this evening being to cut young willows,
which they ate very heartily. Distance twenty-two miles.
July 25th  –  after traveling six miles we came to a crossing on the river where we stopped and drove
our cattle across, grass tolerably good. At two o’clock we started, drove twelve miles and camped on the
river. Our road was good but very dusty. Our only feed is willow brush. Plenty of sage and grease wood
for fuel. Distance today eighteen miles.
July 26th  –  we left the river, and after traveling eight miles came to it again, where we watered and fed
our stock again on willow brush. After dinner we drove seven miles and camped on the river again. We
swam our stock across the river and drove them three miles to the mountains for grass, but it was not
very good. Distance today fifteen miles.
July 27th  –  drove eight miles and took dinner on the river, our only feed for stock being willow brush;
fuel, sage brush. At two o’clock we drove out from camp six miles to the river and watered; drove seven
miles off from the river and camped without grass or water; road good, but dust very bad. Distance
today twenty-one miles.
July 28th  –  three miles brought us to a small creek where we found an excellent spring, and took
breakfast; no feed of any kind. We drove eight miles to the Great Meadow and slough. Here we camped
for the day with thousands of acres of the best of grass and water. Distance eleven miles.
July 29th  –  this afternoon we drive nine miles over very good road and took supper. No water or grass
on the road, but four or five miles off to the left it is plentiful, for the meadow extends pretty well to the
sink. After supper we drove ten miles and camped without wood, water or grass. Distance today
nineteen miles.
July 30th  –  six miles brought us to the great lake or sink in the river. Here we camped and remained
until two o’clock, then started for the desert, and after driving ten miles stopped and took supper. When
we started we thought we were at the sink, but after traveling the first five miles we came to the
crossing of the river, the water being about eighteen inches deep. I doubt if the river has