any sink. At eight o’clock we started again, drove eight miles and camped for the night; road very good
except one mile that was sandy. Here we saw many teams that had about given out, and a great destruction
of property. Distance twenty-four miles.
Forty Mile Desert
Forty Mile Desert was a hot, waterless stretch across sage plains, alkali
flats, and loose sand that exhausted the animals, wagons, and humans who
were already worn out and weakened after months of long, arduous travel.
Fernley Sink, Nevada
Fernley Sink – Visible from I-80 between Lovelock and Fernley. The sink and
Gridley Lake are a combination of alkali playa and a shallow ephemeral lake,
the ratio of each varying according to annual precipitation. Along the
eastern edge, springs feed into the playa and assure some permanent
standing water. This body of water, in turn, offers an abundance of brine
flies and brine shrimp to birds that can tolerate the harsh environment.