July 31st  –  at sunrise we started and drove eight miles over tolerably good roads, except a little sandy now
and then, and stopped for breakfast. Then we drove four miles and laid by until two o’clock; then left, bound
for the river. After traveling four miles we struck the sand, which in many places we found to be six inches
deep. Eight miles farther brought us to the Salmon or Trout River. Nearly all of this distance is a bed of sand,
except a few hundred yards in different places. After reaching the river, which is about as large as Bear
River, we had to swim our stock over before we could get grass, but by so doing we found the best of grass.
We got to the river at sundown. Distance from the last slough of Mary’s (Humboldt) River, is forty-three miles,
and not anymore, either.
Archive photo from 1868 Union Pacific Rail Road Survey. Glass negative photograph of
Truckee Canyon, I-80 near Wadsworth, Nevada
                         August 1850

August 1st  –  rested our stock and traveled none at all.                                                
August 2nd  –  today we drove eight miles up the river and camped for the night; road very good, plenty of
good wood, water and grass. The timber is principally cottonwood and willows which grow all along the river.
This little stream of clear water is about forty yards wide and from three to five feet deep.
August 3rd  –  (No entry)
August 4th  –  we left the river to our right and steered across the desert; after driving eight miles we found
the road very sandy and rocky. Five miles over this kind of road brought us to where it was very hard and
firm for about four miles, then struck the sand again which continued for about eight miles, until we got to
the river again. This is what is called the twenty-six mile road of Salmon River.
August 5th  –  (No entry)