August 11th  –  we came eight miles over some rough road to Beak Spring Valley. Here we camped, good grass
and water, and timber in abundance.
August 12th  –  we traveled twelve miles and nooned on a branch without grass. Six miles farther brought us
to some springs at the left of the road; here we camped. Road rough; distance eighteen miles.
August 13th  –  came nine miles and nooned, found a little grass to the left of the road in a deep hollow; four
miles farther to the forks of the road, the left leading to Hangtown, the right to Webertown; three miles farther
on the Webertown Road we camped. Distance eighteen miles.
August 14th  –  three miles brought us to Pleasant Valley, down this valley ten miles to Webertown; good
roads, plenty of water. We camped in the village three hours by sun, and paid fifteen cents a pound for hay for
the cattle. Distance today thirteen miles.
August 15th  –  we started this morning for the White Oak Springs, came fifteen miles and got there, and here
we found some old Pike folks. John Hawkins gave us a hot supper and set out his brandy bottle. This made me
feel like I was in old Pike.
August 16th  –  this morning we came down to Webertown and struck the old tent for good. So ends our long
and tedious journey, and so ends my journal. The entire distance traveled was 2,091 miles.
Peter L. Branstetter
From Pike County, Missouri
Archive photo from1850, men and photographer unknown. Glass negative
photograph of gold miners at Weber Creek using a ground sluice.