May 21st  –  we came three miles and crossed a small creek with wood and water; good encampment; three
miles farther there is a small stream with wood but no water; one mile farther and we nooned; left the road one-
half mile and went to the river for wood and water; have laid in wood for tonight; the road leaves the river and
keeps close to the bluff. We came eleven miles and turned off to the right one and one-half miles and found a
creek with good running water, and as good a spring as ever ran out of the earth. The bottom is about five miles
wide here; the Platte River Bluffs are a curiosity. We saw plenty of prairie dogs today and killed one. Camped
tonight above the fork of Platte River. Distance today eighteen miles.
May 22nd  –  we traveled five miles and struck on the bluff; four miles on the bluff and the buffaloes
commenced running across the road; all the teams stopped, and three or four hundred ran across the road in an
hour; about twenty-five were killed. Simon killed one, and John Wilson killed one; they were on the horses; the
rest of us wounded some but did not get them. Traveled four miles and came into the bottom again, and there
we nooned; plenty of water three hundred yards to the right. We came two miles and turned up the bluffs to the
left, traveled up the bluffs to the left, traveled up the bluffs five miles, turned down the bluff to the river and
camped on a slough; there was wood and water. Distance today twenty miles.
May 23rd  –  traveled up the bottom two miles then traveled right along the bluffs all day, passed some sand
hills. The bottom is four miles wide; found plenty of water all along the road in sloughs. There is no timber in
sight tonight. Distance twenty-two miles.
May 24th  –  have been traveling over sand for three days. It is very warm and has been for the last ten days. We
are still traveling up the South Fork of Platte River; good water and grass tonight; no timber in sight, but some
willows on the islands. We use buffalo chips. Distance twenty miles.
Windlass Hill Ruts
Ash Creek
The main trail connected with the North Platte after crossing the table land between the
two rivers. A very steep hill had to be traversed to "drop down" into Ash Hollow. Windlass
hill is 235 feet above the valley floor and the distance in descending the slope is a little
less than 800 feet, rendering a very steep descending grade.