Joe Momma's
Jerome, Idaho Car Show
What people living in other parts of the world don't understand when they see Americans frothing at the mouth
over a minuscule (in European terms) hike in oil prices is that, for Americans, cars are not merely a way to
transport oneself from A to B.  Cars represent that unique quality of what makes an America an American:
freedom and individuality.  The American sense if identity is founded on the notion of freedom of mobility and
the individual's ability to make it on his own.  That the United States is no longer a vast, untamed wilderness
does not seem to make a lick of difference in this mentality.  The idea of "a man and his horse" has been shifted
out by "a man and his car"  One mark of women's progress in the last 20 years has been that instead of the
predominance of one-car families, two-car families have become the norm.

But it's not just the individuality a car gives you that is important to Americans - it's the freedom as well.  The
road movie (Thelma and Louise, My Own Private Idaho, Wild at Heart , to name just a few), the road songs
("Get your kicks on Route 66"), all romanticize the freedom of hitting the open road, of running away from
something or running to something in a car -- preferably with the top down and your hair whipping around your
face in the wind.

So it's no surprise that we all love a "Car Show".  That is especially true here in the Magic Valley in south central
Idaho.   Each year Jerome is host to one of the biggest car shows in the northwestern United States.  This year
over 1000 enthusiasts brought their cars to the beautiful park in the center of Jerome to show off their pride and
joy.  The most striking thing is the folks that come to see all of these cars.  On a warm late summer day, with
blue skies and a gentle breeze farmers, dairymen and women, office and factory workers, young and old took
time to come together as family and friends to admire these automobiles in a true family experience.   Another
unique aspect of this show is the diversity of cars.  From 1909 to 2006, from mud rats to Rolls Royce, from
dragster to family cars, they all are represented at Joe Momma's Jerome Car Show.   

So its off to the Jerome Annual Car Show.
Lets start off with a plug for Stock Car Racing here in the northwest.  Magic Valley Speedway is the only
NASCAR track in the northwestern United States.   It is a 1/3 mile oval with 11 degree banking in the
turns.  The track is well supported by the fans and also the local media.  The local newspaper will devote
at least a page to NASCAR each week.
Probably the most unusual entry was this Ford GT rear engine car
No car show would be complete without the classic 57 Chevrolet