"The Niagara of the West"
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Welcome to Our Internet  Home!
Welcome  to Desert  Vista  Idaho, our  "Internet Home."   Our goal is to bring our  friends  and  family closer together through
your visits to our virtual home. We hope that you will enjoy your stay here and come back often.

Here at Desert Vista Idaho,  we plan to continue expanding the site to include more of our friends and family.   We hope that our  
project will draw our circle just a little closer.   On the positive side, it seems to be working, as we have received email  from
several of our  friends and  family that  we have not  heard  from in years and  from as far  away as Iraq and Japan.  If  you have
someone who would like to receive our newsletters please drop us an email and we can add them to our growing list.   As time
passes, maybe more of us  will be able to get together on this medium called the Internet.  

Check out the “Family Album” as we add pages there on a regular  basis.  If you have  pictures  that you would like to add,   
please  send   them  and  we  will   share  them   with everyone.    Jeannette  has  again edited the journal of her great-
grandfather’s travels  to California.   You  may now copy  and  print the  text and  save  the pictures  if you like.  We continue to  
revise and  upgrade all the  pages  here, so please revisit all the areas and see what we have done.
We Salute the men and women of our
Military Family faithfully serving their country
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Aerial View of Magic
Valley Weather
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Kathy fills us in on the news from
Springfield.  Her take about family,
friends, events and news from the
old home town.
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"Tom's Light House"
Here is a link sent us by our friend
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Visit "School Days" The website
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1953 Hosted by Bob Osterloh and
Tom Bingaman
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Muriel  -  Bob  -  Jeannette
Thanks for taking time to visit our virtual Internet home.
Please come back often.
Desert Vista
Welcome to Desert Vista Idaho!             
We Honor Our Military Family!
Joe Momma's
Jerome, Idaho Car Show
Harvest Time
In The Magic Valley
Weather in the Magic Valley is a key factor for our agricultural community.  It not only controls the day to day farming operations but determines the crop outcome at
harvest time.  The closest official weather forecast stations are located in Boise and Pocatello, each over 100 miles away.  With the need for better weather
observations at Desert Vista and the surrounding community, Jeannette purchased a Davis Vantage Pro 2 Professional Weather Station and initiated its operation in
October 2005.  In order to provide information to the community she joined the largest independent weather gathering organization in the world, Weather
Underground.  Weather stations around the world provide local weather conditions, and Weatherunderground combines the information to supply both current
conditions and a  weather database archive for anyone, anywhere connecting to the Internet.  We have added a weather camera to the station to provide a live view of
weather conditions here at Desert Vista.  Our live Weather Cam is shown below on the left side of your screen.  Click on the image to view a larger version and access
a portal to many other features.  Below is a live display of the current live weather conditions here at Desert Vista Idaho.  Click on the background to visit our
Weatherunderground Desert Vista Idaho home page with access to volumes of weather information provided by Weather Underground.                                             
Welcome to
Desert Vista
Our Home is located
ten miles north of
Twin Falls, Idaho in the
heart of the Magic Valley.

While our home is far
away from family and
friends measured in
miles, our Internet home
is only a few keystrokes
away.   We hope that you
will visit us here at our
virtual Internet home
often.  You are always
welcome and coffee is on
the stove.
Shoshone Falls is located about eight miles south
of Desert Vista.  It is a true wonder and astonishing
sight especially in the spring time when the winter
snows melt and provide vast amounts of water.  We
have collected several pictures and hope when you
see them you will agree that it is a true wonder.

Shoshone Falls
Desert Vista Idaho Weather
Above is a live feed from our new weather cam.
 The camera is pointed south toward Twin
Falls and the South Hills.  Click on the image  
to visit our Weather Cam Page
Desert Vista Idaho Live Weather Cam
Click on picture to view our Weather Underground station.
Refresh your browser to change background picture
Current Desert Vista Idaho Weather Statistics
Visit Ambient Weather

Weather data provided by
our Davis Vantage Pro 2
Station.  Station Software is
Virtual Weather Station from
Ambient Weather featuring
weather stations and support
Weather Underground PWS KIDJEROM2
View our dedicated weather page at www.desertvistaid.com
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