Kathy’s Korner     February 20, 2006

Hi everyone!

This is my first try at a newsletter from the Springfield area. I’ll tell you a little bit about
myself and my family. My father is Bob Osterloh. I’m the oldest of four children. Keith is
my younger brother. He is married to Kim and they have two children, Mandee and
Mitchell. My younger sister is Pam and her husband is John. They have two daughters, Jill
and Jessie. My youngest sister is Jennifer and she’s married to Kevin and they have two
children, Kyle and Zoe. I will attempt to bring you news about what’s going on in their lives
in the future. I’m Kathy and I have been married to my husband Harry 26 years. We have
two children, Joseph and Laura.

I’m disabled and do not work. I like to crochet and play computer games. My favorite sport
is NASCAR racing. My favorite driver is Rusty Wallace. He retired after last season so
watching the Daytona 500 was a lot different. I usually get so nervous about what’s going to
happen to Rusty that I’m pacing the floor. My two new favorite drivers are Carl Edwards
and Jamie McMurray. Both of them drive for Roush Racing. Jimmie Johnson won the
Daytona 500 this weekend without his crew chief. His crew chief was kicked out of Daytona
for cheating during qualifying for the race. I think there will be people who wonder if
Johnson’s car was legal for the race, but NASCAR inspected the car following the race and
found it to be legal.  My two drivers both wrecked so I really didn’t have a good day. I’m not
a Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson fan. Well, enough about that, as you can see I can go on
and on about this.

My husband works for Thompson Pontiac as a lube tech. He is a supervisor at the shop. He
likes to float the rivers and fish. He works very hard and is a good husband and dad.

My son, Joey, works for Wal-Mart as a cart pusher. He is currently on a medical leave
because of a stress fracture in his right leg. He is on crutches and is pretty much hobbling
around. He loves baseball. He plays baseball on his Playstation. He knows a lot about the
game  and if you want to know something just ask him. He also likes to collect model cars.

My daughter, Laura, is currently enrolled at Cox College of Nursing and Health Sciences,
studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. She is her third year of study and things are
pretty hard. She is very excited because she begins her clinicals this week. She works at
Gold Medal Gymnastics as a gym coach. She loves to scrapbook and do crafty things, which I
think she got from Pam. She’s a very busy girl with school, and she likes to go to the
Lutheran Student Center which is on the Missouri State University campus. She has many
friends. She has a boyfriend, Jim, who is a barber and was just employed by Cox Medical
Center phlebotomist. Sometimes it’s hard to fit everything into her hectic life. Ah, to be
young. Oh well.

I’ll try to tell you some things going on around here. John Q. Hammons has donated money
for a new arena on the MSU campus. I believe it will seat around 12,000. Also, the MSU
basketball Bears are doing pretty good and hopefully will make it in the NCAA tournament.
The Springfield Cardinals will once again play the St. Louis Cardinals but they will play in
the new Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Wow! I really want to go to a St. Louis game in the new
stadium. The pictures we’ve seen are just beautiful. Joey and I are big baseball fans so I’m
also getting anxious for baseball season.

Well, I guess I’ll go for now. I will have more news from here and will let you know a little
bit about my brother and sisters in the near future. If you have any questions about what’s
going on in the Springfield area I am happy to try to find an answer for you. Well for now,
so long!


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