Hey!  It's March 16, 2006

Well it has been a while since I have written, so I thought you might want to know some
news from around the Ozarks.

First, you probably have heard about the tornado outbreak last Saturday and Sunday. Some
of the same areas that were hit in 2003 were hit again. Damage is pretty severe in some
areas. Greene County got by I think with little damage but surrounding towns and counties
were not so lucky. I used to work for Stocker Insurance. This a family run business and I
really enjoyed working with the Stockers. The youngest son lives near Billings and he lost
his home Sunday night. He and his two children and his mother-in-law went to the basement
and they were all fine, but the house did not fair so well. His living room and dining room
are no longer there and the rest of the house is leaning. His boat and trailer were blown out
of the garage into the field along with his camper which was upside down. The house will
have to be torn down and rebuilt. They are fortunate a house in Billings next door to his
mother-in-law was for rent and they moved into it right away. Lots of homes were destroyed
and damaged. The worst part of spring are the violent storms that come through.

In other news, I wrecked my car last Friday. A guy pulled out and was going really slow and
all of the sudden he stopped in front of me. He said he saw me coming and I guess he
wanted to have a little fun. Well, it was not fun for me. It caused $4,000 damage to the front
of my car. The insurance company may total it. I received a ticket of course, the first
accident or ticket I have gotten since I started driving.  I am still very upset about this. It
was totally avoidable had he not decided to come to a full stop in the middle of the road. I
have not driven since that day. I will get the courage up to get back up on the horse soon.

School is harder for Laura now. Not so much harder, just more time consuming. She has lots
of reading and that takes a lot of time. She is doing her best though and will do fine.

Joey is still off from work with his leg. Hopefully the first of the month he will be able to go
back. I hope so anyway, his sleeping habits are all messed up.

Harry is doing fine and working hard as usual. He is anxious to start gardening and doing all
the springtime stuff. I’m glad he has a green thumb because I did not inherit that from my

I thought I would tell you all about my sister Pam and her family. She was here not too long
ago so I could help her with her taxes and she gave me a little bit of info on their comings
and goings.

John is weird according to Pam and Jill. He has a strange sense of humor. His favorite
movie genre is zombie movies. His favorite character is Spongebob Squarepants. He works
with his dad in the upholstery business. They do anything from tractor seats to classic cars.
He likes to camp. He takes very good care of his parents.

Pam’s sense of humor is kind of weird also. She is the director of rehabilitation at Hartville
Care Center for the past 2 years. She has been a physical therapist assistant since 1998.
She drives an average of 600 miles a week. Her hobbies are crocheting and jigsaw puzzles
and reading. Her favorite reading material is the Harry Potter books.

Jill is 19 and a massage therapy student. She will graduate in May with hopes of working in
Branson at one of the resorts there. She is an artist and has sold some of her pieces
recently. She works at Jimmy Johns, a deli type restaurant. Her hobbies are reading, writing
and art. Her boyfriend is Dusty and they have been dating about 7 months. They met at

Jessie turns 16 this month. Oh no, watch out! One of her favorite hobbies is sleeping. She
enjoys Zoo Tycoon and Sims games for the computer. She likes anything Jill likes. You
never know what color her hair is going to be. She has 2 cats that she loves dearly.

That was a little bit about Pam’s family. They are certainly very busy and I don’t get to see
them nearly enough.

Our Missouri State Bears did not receive an invitation to the NCAA tournament, although
the CBS sports analysts thought that they should have. The Missouri State Lady Bears won
the conference tournament so they got an automatic bid to the tournament. The Bears were
invited to the NIT. Good luck to both teams.

In auto racing, Jimmie Johnson, my favorite driver, NOT!, won last week at Las Vegas. One
thing you have to say though is that their team is very good or they are still cheating and
have not gotten caught again. Ha, ha. Racing is just not the same without Rusty in the Blue
Deuce. I miss rooting for him, oh well old age catches us all I guess.

Well, I have chatted enough for this time I guess. I will talk to Keith and Jennifer soon and
learn a little bit about their families.

Until next time, have a blessed day!


Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet,
and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105