Shoshone Falls!
Twin Falls, Idaho
Shoshone Falls is located  north and east of Twin Falls in the Snake River
Canyon.  Just a few miles south of our home, Desert Vista Idaho.

Thousands of people travel to Shoshone Falls each year to marvel at a sight many
call "The Niagara of the West."  In fact, Shoshone Falls tumbles 212 feet to the
canyon floor -- more that fifty feet farther than the famous falls on the New York -
Ontario border.  The waterfall's terraced thousand-foot span is truly one of
Idaho's most magnificent sights

Springtime is the best season to visit Shoshone Falls.  In years of heavy
precipitation, the Snake River Swells with snow melt, creating an awesome display
at the waterfall.  Swirling mist, swooping birds, and rainbows rise from the sheets
of water.  Overlooks give visitors great vantage points for sightseeing and
photography.  Later in the year, much of the river's flow is diverted to produce
hydroelectric power and irrigate the Magic Valley's fertile farmland and Shoshone
Falls' cliffs may be nearly dry.  But even when the water levels are low, there is
always plenty to see and do at Shoshone Falls Park.

Jeanette, Muriel and I visited Shoshone Falls on Friday, May 5th late in the
afternoon.  This is our first time to see the falls with great volumes of water flowing
over them.  We all took pictures and after viewing  our shots, trying to select which
ones to place on Desert Vista Idaho, we decided to just publish them all.  On the
following pages are all the pictures we took that evening.  They are in no
particular order and have no captions. While we hope that you will enjoy viewing
this magnificent work of God, we understand that the only way to view and
understand Shoshone Falls is to be here in person and see for yourself and hear
the roar of the water dropping to the canyon floor.  
Shoshone Falls
Niagara of the West