The Deluxe Tour With Bob!
Twin Falls, Idaho is a rather small town with a big
town feel.  About 40,000 residents reside on the south
side of the Snake River Canyon.  The town was
established in 1904 and most people accept Mr I. B.
Perrine (more on that subject later) as the leader and
founder of the new town.  For those of you in
Missouri, you can compare Twin Falls to Joplin, Mo.
in size.  Even though much smaller that Springfield,
the town is laid out in a similar fashion. The hub and
still very vibrant is the Old Town area

The pictures on this page and the next are from that
part of town.  Most of the area is populated with small
shops  and businesses.
The picture above is Main Street  running in a
south east direction.  Streets in this area run 45
degrees to true north.  Note the trees in this area.
 More on trees later.
Another picture of Main Street taken futher north.
This picture shows some of the landscaping that
takes place in the spring and summer.  This was
taken in early May and just a little later large
hanging baskets of all kinds of colorful flowers
are place on the lamp posts creating a warm and
friendly atmosphere downtown.
I want to point out some of the similarities to
Springfield as we go along our tour.  One of these is
pictured above.  It's called Kelly's Restaurant and
reminds me of Aunt Martha's in Springfield,  The
picture to the right shows a pancake that fills an
entire serving platter.  I'd like to see the person that
can down a full stack of these.
Shoshone Ave is shown in the
picture on the left.  It runs
south-west to north-east  
through the downtown area.  It's
the main connector to the newer
part of town.
Twin Falls Idaho!