The downtown area also serves as the
financial district for Twin Falls and the Magic
Valley.  Many banks are located in this area.  
However banks are building branches in the
newer parts of town.
Another feature of the downtown area, like
Springfield, there are many fine dining places.
On the edge of the area is the pizza restaurant in
the picture Above.  It's unique in that  you don't
order and particular kind of pizza.  Waiters roam
the tables with all kinds of pizza and you can
take your choice and eat as much as you like.
Amazingly the downtown area continues to grow and prosper.  Many community events are
held along Main Street.  This summer Twin Falls hosted an overnight stay of the Great Race
and it seemed that everyone for miles was crowded into the Main Street area.  The
participants in the race voted Twin Falls as the best host city out of all their overnight stays.
Twin Falls is also the county seat of Twin Falls
County so it's natural that it is also the center
of government in south central Idaho.  Many
Federal, State and County offices make their
home in Twin Falls.  On the right is the County
Courthouse.  The building houses county
offices and is bursting at the seams.  County
commisioners are looking for more space to
expand county offices.  Well, that's it for
downtown.  Let's move on.
The Twin Falls Tour Continues